May Bumps 2019 Day 1

6 Churchill crews took to the Cam today for the first day of May Bumps. Here’s how they got on (in racing order): M4: The rain did not deter a still heavily substituted M4 from (for most of them) their first ever experience of Bumps.  The row to the start was definitely less shaky than […]

Peterborough Regatta 2019

On Saturday 1st June, an M1 VIII and IV+ went to Peterborough regatta, a multi lane 1km course. Here’s how they got on: M1 VIII: After Champs Head, M1 had made a big improvement in the start sequence, so this 1k race was a good test of the improvement in a competitive condition. Heat: The […]

Champs Head 2019

On Sunday 5th May, Churchill crews took part in Champs Head, a 1.4 km course on the Cam between the Plough pub and the P&E. Here’s how they got on: W1 Armed with a new confidence after a shock win at Bedford Regatta last weekend, the crew was keen to build on that performance and […]

Bedford Regatta 2019

On Saturday 11th May 2019 M1 and W1 competed in Bedford Amateur Regatta, a 1.2km course through the centre of Bedford. Here’s how they got on: M1: M1’s first race of the day at Bedford Regatta was against Abingdon School’s J15 1st VIII in the open 8s category. We knew it was likely to be […]

Blades for Victory!

Churchill College Boat Club (CCBC) was established in 1961 to allow students of the College to get the chance to learn to row and compete against the other Cambridge Colleges. 48 years later and the club is still going strong with over 60 members and boats catering for all abilities. However, despite CCBC’s Women’s First […]

Forward Lent 2019 edition

The latest edition of the Boat Club Newsletter (including the HoRR race report) is now available. We hope you enjoy reading it! Forward Lent 2019 edition

Lent Bumps 2019 Day 5

Here’s the reports from the last day of racing! M3: We Shall Go On To The End… The final hurdle of M3’s Lent Bumps campaign had come upon us today. This sunny Saturday morning found our crew prepared for the ultimate stride towards our first bump. As a premiere, we had a full crew. A […]

Lent Bumps 2019 Day 4

M2, W1 and M1 were all racing today and here’s how they got on: M2: The Torpedo continues to sink the opposition and today it was Lady Margaret M3 who fell victim to another display of passion and commitment. A comfortable start saw us leave the chasing Jesus M3 in our wake as we started […]

Lent Bumps 2019 Day 3

Four crews were racing today, with both first boats, W2 and M3 in action. Here’s how they got on: M3: Were it not for bumps I’m fairly sure nobody would be insane enough to choose to row in the arctic conditions we did today. Waves reaching the top of the saxboards, winds blowing crews across […]

Lent Bumps 2019 Day 2

The second day of bumps saw all the crews in action for the first time, here’s how they got on: M3: It was gusty and drizzling – clearly yellow flag conditions – but clearly, no one bothers on race day. Knowing we had the ability to catch up with Darwin was a great morale booster, […]