June Eights Regatta Day 2

NW2: NW2 arrived at the boathouse knowing they had business to do. We were early, we were focused, we were ready. After some crucial group stretching we set off on the now familiar route all the way down to the bottom of the course. Our opponents this time were Clare College NW3. After some beautiful […]

June Eights Regatta day 1

CCBC had an eventful start to the eights regatta, which saw some exciting side by side racing over a 1km fro the reach to the P&E. Here’s how the six racing crews got on: NW2: NW2 21st June Racing against Selwyn NW2 today and the race preparations began with Amy Rees, a member of the […]

June Eights Regatta, Getting on Race

This week six Churchill crews will be racing in the June Eights Regatta (a 4 day replacement for May Bumps). To allocate the crews into divisions and seed them for subsequent races, all crews took part in a 1km time trial from the reach to Bumps Bottom Finish. Here’s how they got on: NW2: Today […]

X-Press Head results 2021

M1 and W1 raced the 2.1km X-Press Head course in preparation for the upcoming June Eights Regatta (JER). Here’s how they got on: W1: “Did you hear creaking?” Never a good phrase to hear in a boat. Especially in a boat which is minutes away from racing. “I think my rigger was creaking on the […]

Peterborough Spring Regatta 2021

Churchill M1 travelled north to the Peterborough Spring Regatta for their first off-Cam race in more than a year. Eager for side-by-side racing on a proper rowing lake, the crew departed from Cambridge early on Sunday morning. While the 8+ was the day’s focus, M1 split into two scratch crews to race 4+’s in the […]

Nine’s Spring Regatta 2021 Race Reports

Churchill M1 made the most of the summer weather over the bank holiday weekend by spending over four hours on the water for the “slightly longer than anticipated” Nines Spring Regatta. After a silky row down to the top of the Reach, which showcased some of the finest paddling of the term thus far, it […]

City of Cambridge’s Big Weekend

CCBC was quickly back in action again, with crews taking part in City of Cambridge’s Spring Head to Head and City Sprints events across the May Bank holiday weekend. Here’s how they got on: Spring Head-to-Head A scratch M1/M2 composite set off on Saturday for a double-header 1.9k race up and down the Cam. After […]

Head of the Cam 2021 Race Report

The Men’s Side took to the Cam for the first race of the year, the 2.6km Head of the Cam. Here’s how they got on: With the Churchill men’s crew having completed more national lockdowns than ergs since last rowing in Christmas Head, expectations were conservative going into Saturday’s Head of the Cam race. Over […]

Forward: Michaelmas 2020 Edition

While rowing has once again been put on hold for the foreseeable future, CCBC were able to get back on the water briefly last term and certainly made the most of their training time. The latest edition of the boat club newsletter is dedicated to Jim Cameron, Boatman of CCBC for over 30 years, who […]

Christmas Head 2020

After a month of no rowing, CCBC were back in action for their first official race since Lent Bumps. Four crews tackled the 1.8km course from Grassy corner to Top finish. Here’s how they got on: W2 4+: We may have only had half our crew, but that didn’t stop W2 from facing Winter Head. […]