Emma Sprints

On Sunday, the novices had their first race on the cam – Emma Sprints! 3 crews raced, NW1, NW2 and NM1. Here are the race reports: NW1 Bedecked in pink, covered in facepaint and encouraged by the cheers of a successful NW2, NW1 manoeuvred onto the start line for the first race of our rowing […]

Winter Head

Last Saturday, 4 (+1/2) Churchill crews were out racing on the cam at Winter Head, a ~2.5k course from Newnham Bridge to Stourbridge Common. Chughes (Chu + Hughes Hall) returned, alongside 2 senior women’s, and 2 senior men’s VIIIs. Here are the race reports!   W1 The week before Winter Head saw W1 tackle various […]

Peterborough Summer Regatta

Last weekend CCBC returned to Peterborough for another weekend of racing, joined by Hughes Hall Boat Club and bringing home a few more pots! Here are the race reports from the three crews: M1 IV+ **It was final’s Sunday at Henley and the Churchill College – Hughes Hall composite crew were through to the Op […]

Sudbury Regatta

The race reports and results from Sudbury Regatta at the start of August: Mens Open VIII+ “It follows then as certain as that night succeeds the day, that without a decisive naval force we can do nothing definitive, and with it, everything honourable and glorious.” – George Washington  The quintessential English summer morning of the […]

St Neots Regatta

At the end of July a CCBC M1 IV+, an NM1 IV+, and a pair travelled to St Neots Regatta for a couple of days of racing. Alice, a member of W1, also raced with the lightweight development squad in a IV+, VIII+ and a pair, stroking all of them. Here are the race reports […]

Forward: Easter 2021 Edition

Finally CCBC were able to return to the water for a full term of rowing in both novice and senior crews! The latest edition of the boat club newsletter recounting all the racing of this term can now be read here: Forward – Easter 2021 Edition

June Eights Regatta Day 4

5 Churchill crews raced for the last day of the June Eights Regatta, here’s how they got on: NW1: TLDR : “Naughty girls get disqualified for hitting other girls. The end.” – Rowan S English After yesterday’s calm “photo opportunity” paddle down the reach, we arrived at the boathouse ready for a proper race. The […]

June Eights Regatta Day 3

4 of the 6 CCBC boats were back in action day (after 2 opponents scratched), here’s how they got on: NW2: We arrived at the boathouse feeling confident after our victory yesterday and after applying (the much needed) sunscreen and completing our group stretches, we set off down the river, ready to race against Lucy […]

June Eights Regatta Day 2

NW2: NW2 arrived at the boathouse knowing they had business to do. We were early, we were focused, we were ready. After some crucial group stretching we set off on the now familiar route all the way down to the bottom of the course. Our opponents this time were Clare College NW3. After some beautiful […]

June Eights Regatta day 1

CCBC had an eventful start to the eights regatta, which saw some exciting side by side racing over a 1km fro the reach to the P&E. Here’s how the six racing crews got on: NW2: NW2 21st June Racing against Selwyn NW2 today and the race preparations began with Amy Rees, a member of the […]