Race Reports: Spring Head to Head + City Sprints

Last weekend was full of racing for CCBC, with crews racing in both Head to Head and City Sprints, as well as Alice Dyson and Iris Powell racing at BUCS. Alice raced in a Chu-Newnham 2- which placed fourth overall in the intermediate division, beating two other blondie/lightweight pairs in the process (!!!), and Iris […]


Last weekend, CCBC men headed to London for a day of racing at HoRR, M1 ending up with fewer people in the boat mid race than they had started with… Race reports below! M2: Kieran Heal (Overall Captain), Stroke Seat Coming from a bumps campaign that was well… let’s just say we all have nice pink spoons […]

WEHoRR and the Talbot Cup

Last weekend, CCBC’s W1 and W2 headed to the Thames for the first WEHoRR race in several years (the first time W2 have made it to WEHoRR since 1998!). W1 placed 161st and W2 placed 242nd. On Tuesday M3 (as a composite with Selwyn M3) and W3 raced in the Talbot Cup. M3 were knocked […]

Bumps Day Five (Lent’s ’22)

The race reports at the end of the week! TLDR (results at the end of the week): W1 were bumped: -3 W2 bumped up! +2 M1 rowed over: -2 M2 were bumped: -6 spoons :'( M3 were bumped: -4 spoons :'(   W1 – Annabelle Moger-Taylor, 2-seat After a slightly demoralising early bump yesterday from […]

Bumps Day Four (Lents ’22)

The race reports and results from day four! TLDR: W1 got bumped (-2) W2 rest (+1) M1 rowed over (-2) M2 got bumped (-5) M3 rest (-3)   W1 – Mila Giovacchini (Treasurer), Stroke After a well-executed row and an unfortunate, but unsurprising bump yesterday, W1 were in high spirits at the combined boathouse. Caius […]

Bumps Day Three (Lents ’22)

Here are the race reports for the third day of bumps! TLDR: W1 were bumped: -1 W2 rowed over: +1 M1 were bumped: -2 M2 rest: -4 M3 were bumped: -3 W1 – Iris Powell, 5 seat Pushing off directly in front of a very strong Caius crew, W1 knew prior to the race that […]

Bumps Day Two (Lents ’22)

Race reports from bumps day 2 (with W1 out for the first time!): TLDR: W1: row over (0) W2: row over (+1) M1: rest (-1) M2: bumped (-4) M3: bumped (-2)   W1 – Anastasia Karamzina (Women’s Captain), 7-seat Having supported other Churchill crews from the bank yesterday, W1 were eager to jump into action […]

Bumps Day One (Lents ’22)

Today was the first day of bumps in two years! M1, M2, M3, and W2 were all racing (shout out to W2 for getting the first bump of the first bumps season in two years) – the race reports are below: TLDR – day one results: W2: +1 M1: -1 M2: -3 M3: -1 W2 […]

Getting on Race (Lents ’22)

Last Friday was the Getting On Race. For the first time in a while we had both a W2 and a W3 racing! Unfortunately W3 did not get on to bumps, but their (in the words of ex-OC Tom Upton) ‘gutsy’ row was very impressive, earning them a 42s improvement on their time at Newnham […]

Pembroke Regatta

Unfortunately only M2 got to race at Pembroke Regatta after all the other divisions were cancelled – here is their race report! Pembroke Regatta and the first side-by-side race for Churchill M2. The morning was to start with reassembling the Baron, so we (most of us) arrived early to perform this riveting task. The spare time caused […]