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Trying rowing is one of those things that everybody should do at least once during their time at Cambridge, in the same way that you should probably visit King’s College Chapel and have a go at punting. It’s just one of those quintessential Cambridge things.

Rowing at Churchill is a truly inclusive sport, with no cost to join and members from the JCR, MCR and even the odd fellow. There’s also something for everyone as we have a number of boats with different levels of commitment: from those who just want to be social to those interested in progressing to the University Teams (as a couple of our members do each year having started at Churchill).

Coxing is another great way to get involved with the sport, as well as developing some fantastic transferable skills. In what other situation do you have to motivate and coach people while simultaneously steering them to victory? You also get the best view of the racing from the Cox’s seat…

If that hasn’t convinced you to give rowing a try, last year all of our members reported rowing had a positive effect on their mental health. With regular access to beautiful Cambridge scenery, a large support network of fellow rowers and a strong social scene, it’s hardly surprising!

If you’re a CCBC alumnus; supporter of one of our athletes; or just curious as to what the boat club has been up to; check out our news section for our latest race reports and newsletters.

For more information about rowing or coxing, please check out our FAQs or scroll down for our new video:

Our website also tells you all about what Churchill College Boat Club has been getting up to at the moment, including results, race reports, crew lists and photos. We also have a Youtube channel full of videos of our crews in action.