Photos & Reminiscences

And in the beginning……

The 1960s

First Boat, Mays 1962

Second Boat, Head of Cam 1962

Mainly postgraduate crew, with Canon Duckworth, 1962

1962 – First Lent Boat

Left to right in group photo:  back row – No.4  J A Haines, No.2 D H Peregrine, No.3 G le Campbell, No.5 L B Schepens, No.6 M R Cooper, Bow M R Postgate; front row – No.7 G M Lindberg, Canon Duckworth (coach) , Stroke D K Mcrea, Brian W Cherry (coach), J S Butler (secretary); front – cox L J Sham.

Bumped: Pembroke V, Emmanuel IV

1963 – First May Boat

Left to right in group photo:  back row – bow, R M Wilkinson, No.4 R D Taylor, No.7 P Stone, No.5 B Yates, front row – No.6 D E W King, Canon Duckworth, stroke J S Butler (captain) No.3 M R Cooper (secretary), No.2 E W Addicott; front – cox C J Cant .

Bumped: Fitzwilliam II, 1st & 3rd Trinity III, Trinity Hall III

1964 – First May Boat

Left to right in group photo:  back row –  bow P Stone, No.7 G A Butlin, No.6 M A Upton, No.4 E R W Addicott; front row – No.2. R D Taylor, stroke J S Butler, Canon Duckworth, No.5 B Yates, No.3 M J Bomford; front – cox J R Ironside-Wood.

Bumped: Clare II, LMBC IV, Jesus IV, Christs II.

1966 third lent

The 1966 CCBC third boat getting their oars by bumping Trinity on the 4th day of the Lents.

Bow,  E. C. Hope; 2, J.C.Q. Rowett;  3, H.R. Marshall, Jnr; 4, B. McGuirck;  5, H. L. Gabe;  6, P.D. Cooper;  7, A.R. Walker;  Stroke,  J Davis; Cox,  M.J. Kingsley.

Bumped:  LMBC V, Corpus III, Clare III and 1st & 3d Trinity V.

1966 may

The 1966 4th May Boat.  Harry R. Marshall Jr, rear centre.  Coaches:  Canon Duckworth and R. Watts-Tobin (in dark jacket).

The crew got three bumps but missed their oars after a mishap on the first day when the 13-stone no. 4 man flew out of his slide onto the lap of Harry Marshall at no.3.

In the 1970s ever more Churchillians ventured onto the Cam, many of them having the presence of mind to get into a boat first.

Michaelmas Term 1970 – 3rd Boat rowing in Fairbairn Cup, and with trophies

A slight digression for the 1971 Coxwains’ Boat Race Against Oxford

Included because there were three Churchill men in the boat, and because, as the ‘Times’ article explains, Canon Duckworth played a crucial role in proceedings.  We awarded ourselves oars saying we won by three seconds: Oxford’s oars say it was a dead heat!

Robert Fulton (bow), Dave Purnell (no.4), Bruce MacMichael (no.7)

The first boat at Henley in 1972: a superb picture, but sadly we went out in the first round

Bow Tom Ruberg, 2  Ben Martin, 3 E J C Dunn, 4 Pete Illieve, 5 ‘Pat’ Patterson, 6 J N Fields III, 7 Mike Pocock, stroke Pete Merson, cox Robert Fulton

1972/3 was the year when women were first admitted to Churchill.  The intake was small, so getting and keeping an eight together took hard work and enthusiasm from all concerned.

Here they are, with Captain Robert Fulton, Secretary Jeremy Hudson, and – of course- Canon:

and on the water………………….

women on water

Bow Isabel Waghorne, 2 Sally Mackinney, 3 Carole Jewell, 4 Janet Cansick, 5 Monica St. Quentin, 6 Judy Roberts, 7 Robin Dresdner, stroke Lorna Montgomerie, cox Helen Swallow.

1st May Boat 1973

1st May 73

Bow M. Nalawejko, 2  J C R Hudson, 3 M A Brinded, 4 P J Illieve, 5 T Ruberg, 6 C M Comrie, 7 J B Soar, stroke P Merson, cox P R A Fulton

2nd May Boat 1973

2nd may boat

Bow P G Bossom, 2  T P F Drake, 3 K R Simpson, 4 J Cavanna, 5 R Channing, 6 T C Chittenden, 7 J I Brough, stroke I R Scott/B Martin, cox G N Luck

3rd May Boat 1973


1973 3rd May

Bow M J O’Connor, 2  R E Ashworth, 3 E W Powell, 4 J E Vantyghem, 5 R D G Cecil, 6 M Pettifer, 7 J A Jowett, stroke C W Swain, cox I D Banner

5th May Boat 1973


5th May boat 73

Bow J P Hobday, 2  D C B Evans, 3 J D Gee, 4 A M Storrar, 5 S Barton, 6 R M Shaw, 7 A A Willoughby, stroke A A Wilson, cox A P R Cooper

Paul Cooper (pictured above in the cox’s seat and in the group photo below – the bearded chap just behind and to the left of the leftmost woman), a member of CCBC between 1971-1974, has sent in some interesting reminiscences:

In the May bumps of 1972, Paul was in the Churchill IIIrd eight, which accomplished a feat, a double over-bump, that was sufficiently unusual to be remarked on by the Times. The record (according to his oar) is as follows:

Crew:  1 A P R Cooper; 2 M A Pettife; 3 G N Luck; 4 G W Inchbald; 5 J I Brough; 6 T P F Drake; 7 J E Hawley; Str J M Wenn; Cox K S A Davey

Coaches C K Phillips, J N Pocock, Canon J N Duckworth

Bumped Caius III, Double Overbumped Christs III, Overbumped Fitzwilliam III – a rise of eight places, notwithstanding a rowover on one day.

Paul was also a member of the 5th May boat in 1973 which bumped: LMBC IX, St Caths V, Kings III, Christs IV, Selwyn IV. This is noteworthy as they bumped to the top of one division, then immediately bumped at the bottom of the next, resulting in going up 5 places.

Paul was a member of the University Coxswains Society eight that rowed on the Isis in 1973, beating Oxford. Paul was no 3; P G Bossom was cox.

Paul was also a member of the chapel committee, and remembers well the uproar caused when the SCR did not renew Noel Duckworth’s fellowship – this decision was rescinded on their being an obvious popular following for Noel!

Group photograph of Boat Club members from 1973

1973 group

1974: Canon in action on the towpath coaching the 1st May Boat

Bow A R Feltbower, 2  C W Swain, 3 R D G Cecil, 4 A G Shepherd, 5 D R Moore, 6 J C R Hudson, 7 J B Soar, stroke R A Galbraith, cox G N Luck

Trevor Cave at the helm of a Churchill Four (Roddy Galbraith, Dave Gillespie, John Brough and Ian Scott) at the St. Ives Regatta, summer 1973.

image02a Image04a image10a Image03a image18a image23

1974: Tense moments before the off at the bumps – Jack Miller pushing off

3rd May Boat 1977

3rd May 77

CCBC Ladies in Newnham Head c. 1980-82

Newnham Head CCBC ladies

The supply of alumni material from the 1980s onwards is rather patchy, and it would be great to have more contributions.  Meanwhile here is a link to a selection of photographs on the old Boat Club site, covering the period 1995 to 2002:

Churchill Alumni still rowing

News of alumni still involved in rowing, coaching or coxing, whether on on the Cam or scattered across the globe.  Further contributions welcome.


Rachel Edge (78 – 81) (& Mike 79 – 82)

Mike and I are still rowing, currently at Wallingford. For the past few years we’ve been trying, and failing, to get ourselves to the Alumni row at the Head of the Cam. Maybe this year …


Martin Rice (at Churchill 80 – 86)

I did some rowing in a Gentlemen’s four on the Thames at Staines for a year or so back in the 90’s but now it’s a session on the ergometer when I get down to the gym. I used to run along the towpath while coaching and I’ve kept this aspect up with appearances in more than a third of all the runnings of the London Marathon including one which involved a collision with a rather anxious Peter Andre while he was trying to relocate Katie Price in the surging mass of humanity. Not sure if this counts but I’ve also contributed 50- of the genetic material to the current bowman in the Exeter College, Oxford First VIII.


Jerome Gaillard

After a somewhat long break, I started rowing again, this time in Madison, Wisconsin.
Unfortunately our beautiful lake is currently frozen, but I can’t wait for the winter to be over so that I can get back on the water.


Kenny Low (2005-08 – cox)

No rowing where I am now in Singapore, only dragonboating, kayaking and other water sports! I miss being on the river….


Leslie Peer

I currently row at the Vancouver Rowing Club during summers.  During the winter Gilly and I sometimes paddle the dogs around in the kayak as we were last weekend.  We also ski on those distant mountains when conditions are good.  Gilly started rowing on the Cam in 2007 when we borrowed Chris Lloyd’s double.  She and my daughter Charlotte are now novice members at VRC and we have a family double.  We may need a quad soon if the boys show sufficient interest.

Wimp, Oafie, Marcel and I rowed in Churchill brown and Pink at the Zagreb and Vilnius World Masters in 2007 and 2008.  Sue Brown was there but I don’t have photos of us leading Club Dynamo Moskva at 250m.  Those bumps starts are never forgotten.

Leslie Peer Vancouver


Stephen McLaren

I rowed for a few years following graduation at Tees rowing club. I now just provide moral support for those who still persevere.

My mother in law (also a CCCBC alumni) [Janet Cansick] rows at Tees where she’s been novice coach for many a year. She was also one of the first female rowers at Churchill having rowed in the first year that Churchill admitted women!


Ashley Wessendorf

You have two continuing rowers in Boston, USA  too.  Another alumni and I row for an MIT grad/alumni/staff boat.  Let me know if anyone is heading into town for Head of the Charles.


Kirsty Vickerstaff

Andrew wants to know if kayaking across the loch and then climbing a hill counts? No rowing here (Wester Ross) Not enough folk!


James Elder

Finally escaped from Hon Secretary duties at Thames RC last September when I started my Masters (yes, currently a student again, at UCL) – realised at the point of resignation that I had been doing it for a total of 8 years. Still on the committee though, currently focused on the tedious job of procuring a new membership database, the more fun one of gradually getting all the photos, paintings and other memorabilia restored…and also doing occasional DJ duties at Head parties.

Have also come off the Remenham Club and Women’s Head committees too.  It’s amazing how much time becomes available when you stop doing stuff like that.

Not actually coxing any more (and not missing it either!)


Eddie Powell (1967 – 73)

I am also still involved – just finished a term coaching one of the college crews. I am a member of Rob Roy and get out sculling when conditions are good (this afternoon was perfect!).


Trevor Cave

I am a member of Sons of the Thames and was coxing as much as I could until either working away from home from Dec 11 and then sciatica from Sept 12.  I plan to start again gradually quite soon.  I too am based in Cambridge, where XPress is my club.


Susie Clements

Back on the Cam – and secretary of Rob Roy so a hello to Gill – us boat club secretaries must stick together. Both kids now row, and I coxed the eldest in a quad in the winter league on Sunday – so a new generation of rowers coming through !

It’s so lovely to think of Churchillians rowing all over the country,


Wilson Lai

I’m racing on Thursday too, my J15 (b crew) for Emanuel School. I still wear my Churchill kit when I’m coaching.

If anyone wants to boat from the Emanuel School BC in future for races on the Tideway, do let me know and I’ll put you in touch with our boathouse manager. We have nice boathouse.


Ian Scott (71-77)

I am rowing regularly with the Stratford on Avon B.C. having returned to the sport after a 32 year gap. My favourite race is actually the Head of the Cam at the beginning of May where the college puts on an Alumni VIII or two. More alumni would be very welcome – it really is a pleasure rowing up the bumps course with nobody chasing you!!


Gill Cooper

After a break of 17 years, I started rowing again a couple of years ago.  I am secretary of Cantabrigian Rowing Club in Cambridge and also help out with one of their school crews (from Hills Road Sixth Form College).

My next big races are on Tideway: this Thursday as coach for Hills Road in the Schools Head and then rowing on Saturday in the Women’s Eights Head of the River Race.  I’ll be at bow in Cantabrigian RC A (#116), so if anyone is watching, some shouts for “Cantabs” will be much appreciated!

Glad to hear other alumni are still enjoying time on the water,


Mike Moreton

For me it’s once a week of under Chesterton footbridge, the railway bridge, the Long Reach etc…  Funny how these things go in cycles…

Still can’t get used to the extra slog back to the Cambridge Rowing Association Boathouse – every outing just when I think we’re back, I remember that there’s still half a mile to go…


Jeremy Hudson

Delighted to hear that Angus is still rowing.  I still scull/row with a London Rowing Club MasG crew, on the Tideway (I am now the Club’s Hon Sec for my sins), when I am not umpiring.  We will take part in the Vogalonga on the Venetian Lagoon in May, and hopefully the Head of the Charles in Boston in October.


Angus Mackay

Rowing? Absolutely. Currently in a 16-foot skiff (sliding seat, riggers and gates and all) on Loch Fyne on calm days. Also have a coxless pair in my boathouse, purchased (very second hand) from Caius when I moved to Argyll in 1980. Very occasional outings on the Crinan Canal.


Stef Kukula

I’ll be on the water at Kingston Head & Vesta Vets (don’t know where we’re boating from for the latter yet.) Been a while since I raced a Head – be interested to know if any ex CCBC around at the upper end of the age ranges?

(I’m in a Walbrook crew. Good club, stretch of water of sponsored row proportions, coached – and a vet side that balances rowing with a decent hot drink & cake after the outing. Be even better with more people down?)


Harry R. Marshall, Jr

After learning the fine points of  sweep rowing under the able tutelage of Canon Duckworth, 65-66, I returned to the United States and did not re-engage until the innauguration of the Cambridge-Oxford Potomac Regattas in 1985 which continued until 2002.  The event was restarted in a more informal format three years ago.

However, in 1993 when my daughter matriculated at the University of Virginia and was recruited for the women’s rowing team, the Head Coach asked me to serve on the Board of Directors which oversaw both the women’s and men’s programs.  I continue to serve, however, only with respect to the the men’s component as the women’s program become a varsity sport, but not the men’s, in 1995 (Title IX compliance).  Serving with me is another CCBC member, Tom Jones.