May Bumps Day 2, 2014

Crew: M1
Result: Rowed over

Despite gaining on all the crews in front of us and going for the heroic overbump on Fitz, after Peterhouse caught Girton at Ditton, we had to settle for a row over in the end. Tomorrow will be better.

Dan Jones,
Men’s Captain

Crew: W1
Result: Bumped Trinity Hall I

W1 had a very comfortable bump. We finished our starting sequence and did not even stride fully as we hit Trinity Hall just before the Motorway Bridge. Moving up the tables – chasing St. Catz today.

Barbora Janulikova,
Women’s Captain

Crew: M2
Result: Bumped Emma III

M2 were eager to make up for coming so close to the bump on day 1, and we knew that we had the potential to catch Emma III quickly. It wasn’t too long before we had a whistle, and from then on it was only a matter of seconds until we caught them at first post corner. Great rowing from the whole crew.

Josh Goodman,
Men’s Vice Captain

Crew: M3
Result: Bumped Emma V

Today was a much more challenging day for m3. After a quick two whistles on Emma it was decided to do a burn 10 to close the gap but were met with firm resistance. After what seemed like an age we got our third whistle and eventually after canvassing for a few hundred meters our second bump.

Dom Lyons,
M3 Captain

Crew: M4
Result: Bumped by LMBC V

Sandwiched between LMBC IV and LMBC V, M4 started strongly. But only 18 strokes in a large crab knocked one man off his seat and out of his shoes. In the act of trying to recover another crab was caught and the boat basically came to a standstill. LMBC V came flying towards us, damaging our rudder and we took a chunk out of their bow. We hope to bump them back tomorrow with a newly repaired boat.

Dan Brock,
M4 Captain

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