May Bumps Day 1, 2014

Crew: M1
Result: Bumped Homerton I

M1 stayed calm and relaxed until impact, executing the days race plan whilst walking away from Magdalene and into Homerton for the bump. We look forward to putting in a good performance tomorrow night and seeing what we can do.

Dan Jones,
Men’s Captain

Crew: W1
Result: Rowed over

W1 had an epic row over and Selwyn just could not pass. We hope for a quick bump on Trinity Hall today.

Barbora Janulikova,
Women’s Captain

Crew: M2
Result: Rowed over

Churchill M2 got overlap with Robinson II ahead of us and were seconds away from the bump before Robinson bumped the crew ahead of them. Forced to hold it up, we were awarded a technical row over. We’ll smash them tomorrow!

Josh Goodman,
Men’s Vice Captain

Crew: M3
Result: Bumped Homerton III

Today was the first day our crew has rowed together as an eight. Our first start, outside the plough, felt a little shaky, understandably, but our pace felt good.  The race itself felt much better than the start, with our crew catching Homerton within 500 meters, just before carnage up the river caused a re row. The row home felt really good and with a bump under our belts the crew moral is at an all time high. This makes me very optimistic for the coming days.

Dom Lyons,
M3 Captain

Crew: M4
Result: Bumped by LMBC V

M4 came into the 1st day of bumps optimistic but nervous. With only 2 people who had ever done a full bumps the nerves were high and for some maybe got the better of us. The start was messy and unbalanced so we took a while to get into our stride. Once we were up to speed we began to close on Pembroke IV ahead of us but a strong LMBC came up fast behind us and we were bumped coming into grassy corner. We will learn from our mistakes and get them back tomorrow.

Dan Brock,
M4 Captain

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