May Bumps Day 3, 2014

Crew: M1
Result: Bumped Girton I

Today we engaged in a little fun with Girton. Clearly being the faster crew we waited until we had half a length of overlap on the reach before smashing into their 7 man’s blade at the catch, I’ve been told a fairly hilarious crab ensued on their part. Gladly nobody was hurt. Gunning for Fitz tomorrow.

Dan Jones,
Men’s Captain

Crew: W1
Result: Rowed over

W1 came with a solid race plan to catch St. Catz, but without anyboy pushing us into them we could not get closer than one length and a quarter.

Barbora Janulikova,
Women’s Captain

Crew: M2
Result: Bumped Queens III

A great start got M2 to within a whistle of Queens III before we’d finished striding, and, although it took an extra couple of pushes, we bumped them before first post corner. Top quality rowing (albeit not for a very long time).

Josh Goodman,
Men’s Vice Captain

Crew: M3
Result: Rowed over

Today was the best day of rowing this crew has ever done. Compared to the first two days we were rowing much stronger and rowing much faster. After a truly heroic effort we gained a very impressive 11 lengths on Jesus. Unfortunately the final half length eluded us and the double overbump wasn’t to be. Although we didn’t get the bump it was an incredible row by everyone.

Dom Lyons,
M3 Captain

Crew: M4
Result: Bumped by Pembroke V

Looking for revenge on LMBC, we started strongly and held station, though Pembroke were a strong crew and reeled us in slowly, they nearly crashed coming round grassy corner but held on and bumped us in front of the Plough.

Dan Brock,
M4 Captain

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