Bumps Day Four (Lents ’22)

The race reports and results from day four!


W1 got bumped (-2)

W2 rest (+1)

M1 rowed over (-2)

M2 got bumped (-5)

M3 rest (-3)


W1 – Mila Giovacchini (Treasurer), Stroke

After a well-executed row and an unfortunate, but unsurprising bump yesterday, W1 were in high spirits at the combined boathouse. Caius in front of were going to be speedy to catch LMBC, and Clare wasn’t likely to catch Trinity Hall, so we knew our focus today was on holding off Tit Hall, and rowing over cleanly. Some good nervous energy built up as we visualised our pushes in and out of corners, and, with W2 as an inspiration, agreed to not give in no matter what. Having seen our M1’s grit as they rowed over past our marshalling spot, we were determined to do them proud and copy.

The row down was clean, strong, and “even better than yesterday”, with a good practice start in front of W2 cheering us on from the Plough. After a few last words of advice from our coaches Andy and David, we pushed off. Our start was well executed but we weren’t perfectly straight off the start due to last minute adjustments, costing us a little distance and one whistle (a length apart). We recovered and settled into a good rhythm, but Trinity Hall surprised us with their speed, and as we approached first post they had two whistles on us (half a length).

Hei Li called for a “destroyyyy” before the corner, where we held them off for a little, before 2 and 4 lengthened around and Tit Hall got their third whistle as we destroyed again, but to no avail, and Hei Li conceded shortly after.

Naturally, we were disappointed that things didn’t go to plan today, however we rowed well and learnt a lot of lessons from it. W1 won’t let this bump demoralise us. All 9 of us are ready to give it everything tomorrow, heads held high to maintain our 8th position on the river, and eager to get some revenge on Tit Hall, showing them what we’re capable of.


M1 – Jun Zhan, Bow Seat

Keen to put the mistake of the previous day behind us, the Chunkies turned up to the boathouse determined to channel our previous disappointments into power on the footplate. The aim for today is clear – Row away from Girton and make sure we don’t get spoons.

Our third day of racing started in the same fashion was the other two. We were quick off the line, stayed clean, and inched towards Selwyn’s stern with every stroke. Behind us, Girton threw a ‘Hail Mary’ towards us off the line and managed to get within one whistle at the gut. But the crew stayed composed, pushed hard on the footplate, and Zoe masterfully navigated us round Grassy corner. Buoyed by enthusiastic cries of “Yeah Churchill” as we rowed past the Plough and onto the Reach (possibly because it was the first time we have made it past Ditton corner so far…), the boys showed our adoring fans the rowing definition of poetry in motion and continued to give it our all on the legs to maintain a comfortable gap to Girton right up to the finish.

In the end, all five crews at the top of the division rowed over so we start tomorrow again sandwiched between Selwyn and Girton. Our goal is simple – Attack off the start, press our advantage, and leave no regrets on the river.


M2 – Zhiwei He, 3-seat

It is the 4th day into the Lent Bump and the M2 crews returned to the river with high spirits after a nourishing rest day. It goes without saying they are here to claim their revenge, from LMB M3 who struggled 2mins to tug in their boat today (Nah! Fix your cox box & learn to row before you bumped us).

The Baron is back in service with OC Kieran, with Roly’s key teachings, magically delivering some neat electrical repairs while days before he was apparently talking his full of ballistic physics. Coach Nii Djan announced his race plan and expect M2 to deliver a row-over today (somewhere solid to start from). Ben the captain seized the bow seat and promised to spot whoever delivers short stokes today (2&3. You’re welcome). Everything was more than ready and the M2 pushed off at one (and as ONE) from the boathouse.

There was not much drama going on during marshalling except for a brave Peterhouse boat manoeuvring themselves across the river, while the race was on and half a dozen of boats were roaring down(up) the river towards them. Who cares about a Peterhouse boat* and it was good fun to watch their scary faces.

Ice-cold raindrops started to fall seconds before the race, which only made M2’s iron nerves never melt. Off the canon went! 3 standing start – 5 windup – 10 power stroke as carefully planned. With a rocky start we manage to punch the boat out of the canon smoke under the highway bridge with some speed. It was another 10-strokes before a Peterhouse boat started to gain on us.

Focus boys. M2 refused to grant any easy-win to anything on the river. Not to the swans, not to the Eco-Solar boat, not to the bottle floats (but we will give it to the Churchill quacks #CHUGIVES). Unfortunately, Baron held on for a while but still got bumped by Peterhouse M2. Vincent cleared us out quickly off the racing line and parked us safe to the bank.

It was a lot to swallow and to digest today. But tomorrow is a new day and we will come back stronger. Forward! Forward! Forward!

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