Queens’ Ergs 2019

On Sunday 10th November we had four Churchill novice boats competing in Queens’ Ergs, a team 8x500m erg race to find the most powerful novice crew in Cambridge! Here’s how they got on:

Our mixed novice boat took part with the help of a couple of seniors and held their own with 4 women in the men’s lower boats category!

NM2 won their heat which placed them third in the men’s lower boats category with well under a second per person on average between them and first place overall.

NW1 went through to the final in 8th place where they held that position (with 3 individual pbs in the final), and with the fastest individual time again in the final.

NM1 qualified through to the final in 3rd place, but narrowly dropped down to 4th team overall in the final race with their crew average time just 0.2s off the second placing team.

Next weekend will see our senior crews back in action at Winter Head!


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