Lent Bumps 2019 Day 4

M2, W1 and M1 were all racing today and here’s how they got on:


The Torpedo continues to sink the opposition and today it was Lady Margaret M3 who fell victim to another display of passion and commitment.

A comfortable start saw us leave the chasing Jesus M3 in our wake as we started to stretch our legs and put some pressure down. We quickly pulled to within a length of Maggie and were starting to close.

Just as we came towards the overlap the club’s social secretary decided there hadn’t been quite enough flair to the race. There was only one sensible course of action and the decision was made to take a tactical crab (to keep the spectators interested of course). Ever the showman Almos, superhuman that he is, managed to assist in pulling the blade back without breaking a sweat and we swiftly fell back into time.

We were back in the race and now had the attention of the rest of the river who cheered us on as we closed the gap. We put down power 10 after power 10 as Kluane masterfully coaxed out every last bit of energy we had.

Giving it everything we closed the gap down in no time at all, getting our bump before the plough. Suitably exhausted and covered in foliage we made our way home ready to rest up and prepare for our final performance of Lents- it’ll be one to watch! Special thanks to Kluane and Ali for subbing in and maintaining the levels of finesse, poise and elegance you’ve come to expect of the Torpedo.

Jack Salvesen, 4 seat


It all happened in a matter of seconds for W1 today.

Like a little bit of history repeating, we were once again chasing Girton W1, and this time when the cannon went off we prepared to bump them, and leave Caius in the dust.

And we did just that. When the cannon went off, we shot out from our starting position, wound it up, and suddenly were within a boat length, then half a boat length, then canvas, and I gave the kill call. Within the next 6 strokes it was all over for Girton and we got the bump!

Our starts are indeed good, and we proved that today. I am so proud of my crew, and looking forward to chasing down Murray Edwards tomorrow, for the final day of an incredible week of bumps.

Angela Harper, Cox


M1 started out hard in day three of bumps. Chasing Magdalene (Position 5 in Mays) and being chased by Emma (Position 7 in Mays), we were all ready to go over the full distance. Emma was quickly on our tail but just as the whole crew came together and hammered with full force towards a surprising escape, already feeling the glory, we got hit by rough water and lost a few crucial seconds.

It is fantastic to see that our crew has consistently shown great performances on each day of the bumps campaign. Tomorrow, being chased by our neighbours Fitz, we will take the chance to end this bump campaign in style. This final 2(.6)k test will be highly appreciated by some members of the crew.

Daniel Dunkelmann, Lower Boats Captain and 6 seat

So the bumps situation going in to the last day of racing is:

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