Churchill Trial IVs

Churchill started their M1 dev squad training with a trial 4s race featuring many of their M1 rowers from last term. The two crews “Mac” and “Cheese” took to the Cam on the 10th March, the arranged formula was two 500m races along the reach between the spinning zone and the railway bridge.

Mac – Cameron Lloyd

Bow: Jeremy Parker (Maths – PhD)

2: Max Veit (Engineering – PhD)*

3: Ross Tooley (Computer Science – 1st Year)

Stroke: Elliot Farrar (Chemistry – 4th Year)

Cox: Katie Kirk (Vet – 3rd Year)

Cheese – Blood, Toils, Tears, Sweat

Bow: Thiago Burghi (Engineering – PhD)

2: Thomas Upton (Engineering – 3rd Year)

3: James Crossley (Engineering – 2nd Year)

Stroke: Nati Solomon (Engineering – 4th Year)

Cox: Bradley Kemp (Computer Science – 3rd Year)



*Mac were meant to have Dominik Kloepfer at 2 however he was replaced due to injury at short notice.


Race Report

In the first face Mac had the Tow path station but despite a quick start were easily dispatched by a very unset Cheese who ultimately had enough power to see off their opponents by a comfortable 1 and a half lengths.

The second race saw a change of sides and so Cheese had the shorter route. This time Cheese took the lead from the very beginning and even despite never quite recovering from a boat stopping crab still crossed the line with a length lead over their opponents.

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