Emma Sprint Race Results 2014


Nw1 threw themselves into the fun spirit of Emma sprints, dressing up as the Fellowship of the Ring. In the first round against Queens, NW1 held their ground against queens during the start and at times during the race gained on them. However, an unfortunate 2 crabs meant that they fell behind early on and couldn’t regain the lost ground before the finish line. In the second round we raced against Sidney. This race was very close throughout and Churchill lead for a large portion of the race. However, in the end Sidney crossed the finish line just ahead of churchill. Despite the outcome of the races, NW1 showed that they have learnt a lot and come a long way this term.


After a term of hard training NM2 went into Emma Sprints with a good chance to do well. It turned out the training had paid off when the first three heats were won in a very convincing fashion. The final against Jesus NM1 was a close fought affair. Churchill had the lead for the most part, putting in great effort but unfortunately fell victim to some crabs just before the finish line that lead to them getting a well-deserved second place in their division and the title of fastest nm2 on the river. Overall a very good performance that bodes well for their Fairbairn’s campaign.


First heat against Queens NW2, they got to a good start but then pulled in front of us and caught a crab at their 2 seat so were rowing in sixes in front of us, preventing us from passing. They were disqualified and stopped allowing us to pass them and win. In our second heat against Medwards NW3, they got off to a much better start than us, and despite some decent rowing on our part, we did not have the power to keep up with them so lost the race.


NM3 smashed the first two races against Queens and Selwyn, winning by many boat lengths. The semi final against Emma was close but Churchill put in a great effort and pulled away towards the end. The final of the division was against Newnham, who were given a very large headstart. We were gaining on them for the entire race, but panicked and finished with overlap.

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