Welcome to the CCBC Members Area!

This section contains information relevant to members of the Boat Club. Currently there are copies of previous Boat Club Dinner menus available to download, minutes from committee meetings, and links to Boat Club Dinner photographs.

As well as being able to see this “Members Area” page, members are also able to upload photos in the gallery. To do this click on the Gallery page, then upload a photo.


Like all college sports clubs the Boat Club has a detailed constitution setting out how it should be run. Ours was last updated at the AGM on 8th June 2010, and is available at all times for members to read.

Constitution (PDF)

Constitution (Word Document)


Minutes for Committee meetings

Boat Club Dinner Photos

Here are links to the official May Boat Club Dinner photographs on the JET Photographic website. Only a selection of more recent years are on their website, they may still have older ones if you contact them directly.