Mays 2015 : Day 2



Another fantastic day of bumps for Churchill has left us sitting at the top of the Pegasus cup charts 2 days in (though still a long way to go yet!). Yesterday was a beautiful day at the river, and we are all looking forward to another strong day of racing today.

Race reports below.

Chasing Peterhouse M1,  Chased by Fitzwilliam M1
Result : Rowed Over
Today was an example of just how unfair bumps can be, comfortably faster than all the crews around us, Peterhouse decided to turn up today, blasting out of the blocks and surprising an Emma crew who crumpled under pressure despite us staying on station. As we’d taken so much out of Christ’s already we went all out for the overbump, what followed was a pretty immaculate head race with strong pushes out of every corner and great lines we relentlessly moved into Christ’s in front, running out of river as we ended up just within station on a crew that started 6+ lengths up. The atmosphere at the boathouse was like we’d been bumped not pulled out a strong row over in division 1, showing just how much the crew wanted it. As they say, good crews go up 2/3, lucky crews blade, we’ve still got something to prove and will go out looking for it tomorrow.
Chasing Peterhouse W1, Chased by St Catz
Result : Bumped Peterhouse W1
W1 stayed on station with Peterhouse until the end of 1st post reach where we got our 1st whistle. We then took advantage of our fast corners again to close the gap and bump with a final push in front of the crowds at the plough. Will be an interesting row tomorrow chasing Pembroke who have Queens, who are on for spoons, in front of them.
Chasing FaT M3, Chased by Tit Hall M2
Result : Bumped First and Third M3
M2 came into the day full of confidence from the first bump and determined to make it 2 from 2. Our row up was noticeably more relaxed than the previous days, with power being laid down efficiently. The race itself was over in a flash, despite what was a rather scrappy start we settled to an efficient race pace and gained 1 whistle shortly off the start. This quickly turned into 2 and with a power call from our cox we finished off FaT M3 2/3rds the way down first post reach.
A great result for Churchill and tomorrow we look to the much sterner test of facing Selwyn M2.
Chasing Jesus W4 , Chased by Clare W4 
Result : Bumped Jesus W4
Day 2 saw Churchill W2, chased by Clare W4, with a bit of a tougher row to the bump. We had decided that today would be the day that we stride collectively and actively to our race pace of 30. With a messy start and a temporary crab, we managed to reach a race pace of 32 and got Jesus W4 just under the motorway bridge. Tomorrow, we plan to make the stride and, with determination, bump Queens’ W3.
Chasing Corpus M3 , Chased by Darwin M3
Result : Bumped Corpus Christi M3

After a much better starting sequence, we already had a whistle on a weak Corpus crew. The whistle excited us somewhat and we lacked a strong settle, but in the end this didn’t matter as we caught Corpus within 20 more strokes, just before first post corner. Looking forward to chasing our Boathouse neighbours (Kings III) tomorrow. Forward.
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