Mays 2015 : Day 1




May Bumps 2015 is upon us, and what a fantastic first day!

5 Churchill crews racing, and 5 bumps for Churchill make a clean sweep on the first day of racing.
Certainly looking forward to what the next few days will bring.

Race reports below.

Chasing Fitzwilliam M1, Chased by Magdalene M1
Result : Bumped Fitzwilliam M1
We knew the first day would be important in setting us up for the rest of the week, with lots of chat about how strong Magdalene chasing us were looking. With the expectation of us as the last crew of the day to race and bring home the full house of Churchill bumps it turns out these fears were unfounded, pulling easily away from them and moving smoothly into Fitz, a couple of huge pushes into First post in response to a rapidly evolving sandwich meant we got them in the gut, looking good for chasing Peterhouse tomorrow.
Chasing St Catz W1, Chased by Selwyn W1
Result : Bumped St Catherine’s W1
A great start to the week for W1, despite not rowing our best we gradually gained on Catz down 1st post reach and easily pulled away from Selwyn behind. Took advantage of our fast corners with a push down the gut, to bump just after grassy. Looking forward to chasing Peterhouse tomorrow.
Chasing Tit Hall M2, Chased by Girton M2
Result : Bumped Trinity Hall M2
The first day is key in Bumps and we went into the day chasing the relatively unknown Trinity Hall M2, who had not competed in any races yet this term. We came in off a stong final week of training and this showed with some of our best rowing yet on the row up. Our start wasn’t our best with nerves on the first day of Bumps having an unwanted affect, but we quickly settled to a powerful race pace and had our first whistle shortly after our lengthen call. Tit Hall held us at one whistle down much of First Post Reach, however they could not continue to match our pace and on First Post corner one whistle quickly became two and subsequently three, with the Bump following coming round the bend. It was fantastic row from the crew and we can look to tomorrow, chasing FaT M3, full of confidence.
Chasing Clare W4 (from foot of the division)
Result : Bumped Clare W4
This was a quick bump as Clare had skew start.  We are certain that tomorrow they will come at us with a vengeance and anticipate that chasing Jesus W4 will be more demanding. Forward.
Chasing Darwin M3, Chased by Clare M4
Result : Bumped Darwin M3

After a scrappy start, we began quickly losing Clare IV behind us. Some solid rowing through the gut meant we had overlap with Darwin III who were not giving up without a fight. Darwin gave a final push to lose us slightly out of Grassy Corner, but our response finished them in front of a cheering crowd at The Plough.
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