May Bumps Day 4, 2014

Crew: M1
Result: Rowed over

Having gained overlap on Fitz we were unable to complete the bump. A great week though and up 2.

Dan Jones,
Men’s Captain

Crew: W1
Result: Rowed over

Armed with a revised strategy to sprint for the bump from the start, W1 ended up with rowing over together with Selwyn behind and St. Catz infront of us.

Barbora Janulikova,
Women’s Captain

Crew: M2
Result: Bumped Girton II

On our final day M2 were chasing a Girton crew on for spoons, so we knew we would have to break them down as quickly as possible. We managed to catch them by first post corner, holding it up, but they hadn’t conceded and continued rowing. Queens behind us moved from 2.5 lengths to 1 length while we wound it up again, and then our cox box stopped working. Amazingly, we wound it up to race pace rapidly and despite being unable to hear the cox, we caught Girton in front of the crowds at grassy. Final position, up 3!

Josh Goodman,
Men’s Vice Captain

Crew: M3
Result: Bumped Clare IV

A huge contrast to the day before, we got a very easy bump during our start sequence giving us +3 movement overall. The entirety of bumps was a very good performance by M3 and I hope it can continue in years to come.

Dom Lyons,
M3 Captain

Crew: M4
Result: Rowed over

Our ambitions had changed, our one aim was to not get footship spoons. Catz started fast and our calm controlled start was smooth but meant they quickly closed on us. We settled into a good rhythm but Catz kept coming. As we came around grassy corner and down the Plough reach we were holding canvas. But we kept our nerve and they cracked and as we came down the reach we pulled out several boat lengths rowing nicely together to get a well deserved row over.

Dan Brock,
M4 Captain

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