Lents 2015, Day 3

Fantastic results from Day 3, leaving Churchill top of the Marconi Cup table leading the pack by a significant margin! Bumps all round for the Churchill crews, with M1 bumping twice to reclaim their place in the top Men’s Division! The crews have worked hard for this and these bumps have certainly not been easy (see attached photos courtesy of Chris Down).

Race Reports below:


Race 1

Result: Bumped!
Chasing Magdalene M1, chased by Selwyn M1.

Race 2 (as Sandwich boat)

Result: Bumped!

Chasing Trinity Hall M1

A pretty successful day all-in for M1; after we took so much out of Magdalene yesterday we went for the short, quick sprint – a clean, fast start got us up to 1 whistle by First Post corner, a big push out saw us continue to gain, completely walking through them and getting the bump on grassy, leaving us plenty of energy for another row as sandwich boat.

Knowing that Tit Hall had more speed we decided on a longer race strategy, settling into our strong, fast race pace off the settle and it was a bit of a surprise getting a whistle so quickly under the Motorway Bridge. Choppy water under the bridge meant we held it here for a while before making a decisive move into them, once we’d broken the elastic the whistles came quickly before First Post corner – a late concede by their cox meant we had around 2 seats of overlap before we got the bump, a fairly short period as sandwich boat! Some great rowing at both ends of spectrum by the crew today to set us up well for tomorrow and what is bound to be a tough day chasing Emmanuel.


Result: Bumped!

Chasing Peterhouse W1, Chased by Maggie W1

An amazing row from W1 today, went up to a length on Peterhouse before a blockage on the plough meant a rereow from 2 boats ahead. We went all out on our second chance and caught them just on the turn into Grassy – beastly ladies!! Pembroke better watch out…


Result: Bumped!

Chasing Hughes Hall M1. Chased by Peterhouse M2

M2 was going into the 3rd day of bumps with a high level of confidence after getting a quick bump the day before, but at the same time we were preparing for a long race chasing Hughes Hall M1. Despite some trouble with one of the footplates on the reach, we got the focus back quickly and had a powerful practice start, setting us up for a good race. The actual start didn’t feel less powerful, and compared to the day before it was very controlled and relaxed in the expectation of a long chase. Luckily for us, we had underestimated our power, and steadily gained on HHM1, crashing blades with them on the grassy corner. Looking forward to completing a successful bumps campaign tomorrow with a bump on Catz M2. Good luck to all the Churchill crews on the last day. Forward!

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