Lents 2015, Day 1

Lents 2015: Day 1 Bumps Results


Chasing Peterhouse W1, Chased by Kings W1

A strong row over for W1 today, going up to half a length on Peterhouse, sadly their greater experience paid off allowing them to get away around Grassy and eventually bump Maggie on the reach. Today was the first bumps for 6 of our crew so we have all learned from the experience, and are now prepared to go all out and hit Maggie tomorrow.


Chasing Caius M2, Chased by Downing M2

A good clean start from the whole crew saw us send Downing M2 into the distance and gain 2 whistles on Caius M2 by grassy, coming round into the dirty water and with crews behind us having bumped out meant they held us well past the plough, a good line and strong push through Ditton meant that we ate into them and a big move finished them off on the reach. Big day tomorrow as crews start to come down from div 1.


Chasing Clare M2, Chased by FaT M3

M2 started off strong and got a whistle on Clare M2 after about 20 strokes. Unfortunately they managed to bump right before the first corner, and we were left to chase a strong Emma M2 three boats ahead of us. They also bumped out shortly after, leaving us with almost no hope for a bump, chasing Catz M2 who started 11.5 lengths ahead of us. Despite this, we didn’t drop the pressure and gained 7-8 lengths on them, finishing just about 4 lengths behind them and about 4 lengths ahead of the chasing Fat M3, having a comfortable row over. We will be chasing Peterhouse M2 on the 2nd day. High hopes for the first bump!

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