Queens’ Ergs 2015

NM1 A respectable 12th place from Churchill NM1 at Quergs 2015, with an impressive 1:25.7 from one novice. Overall a fun event that hopefully got the novices keen for Emma Sprints this Sunday. – Iolo Squires NW1 2015’s Quergs saw one of the strongest performing NW1’s Churchill has had in years. In the heats the […]

CCBC Freshers’ Week 2015

We have a packed lineup of events for the start of the new academic year, and we’d love for everyone (freshers and existing members) to come along for the fun: On Tuesday 6th October, at midday, we’re having our annual Freshers’ BBQ. This is a chance for all new members of the college to meet […]

End of Year Report 2015

So, that wraps up one of the most successful years in the recent memory of CCBC. Winning both the Marconi and Pegasus cups for most successful crew in Lent and May Bumps 2015. The crews managed to earn 4 sets of blades this year, without a single crew getting bumped once this year. M1 have just returned […]

Mays 2015 : Day 3

An interesting day all round or Churchill crews. A few rowovers meant for a few disappointed Churchill faces, but really that goes to highlight just how much Churchill’s fortunes have turned around even just over the 4 years I’ve been here (my first year we were pretty chuffed by only going down 3). However, Churchill […]

Mays 2015 : Day 2

  Another fantastic day of bumps for Churchill has left us sitting at the top of the Pegasus cup charts 2 days in (though still a long way to go yet!). Yesterday was a beautiful day at the river, and we are all looking forward to another strong day of racing today. Race reports below. […]

Mays 2015 : Day 1

    May Bumps 2015 is upon us, and what a fantastic first day! 5 Churchill crews racing, and 5 bumps for Churchill make a clean sweep on the first day of racing. Certainly looking forward to what the next few days will bring. Race reports below.   M1: Chasing Fitzwilliam M1, Chased by Magdalene […]

Mays Boat Club Dinner 2015

Dear All, As the CCBC social secretary I am delighted to invite you to our Mays Boat Club Dinner, held on Saturday 13th June at Churchill Hall. It will be a great celebration of a hard fought bumps campaign for the boat club, as we hope to capitalise on our Lents success.The dress code is […]

Lents 2015 – Day 4, Final Day

What a crazy end to the week! Churchill won the Marconi cup by a convincing margin (total of 40 points, an aggregate of +10 across Churchill’s 3 crews). Every Churchill crew put in a convincing performance this week, which was reflective on the long hours training for every crew member this term. M1 finished off […]

Lents 2015, Day 3

Fantastic results from Day 3, leaving Churchill top of the Marconi Cup table leading the pack by a significant margin! Bumps all round for the Churchill crews, with M1 bumping twice to reclaim their place in the top Men’s Division! The crews have worked hard for this and these bumps have certainly not been easy […]

Day 2 Lents 2015

Day 2 Race Results W1 Result: Bump! Chasing Lady Margaret W1, chased by Girton W1 W1 had a strong bump today, holding LMBC at 1/2 length from 1st post around the corners, an almost bump on Ditton, resulted in interesting evasive action from the LMBC cox. We continued to move past them, but got bored […]