Day 2 Lents 2015

Day 2 Race Results W1 Result: Bump! Chasing Lady Margaret W1, chased by Girton W1 W1 had a strong bump today, holding LMBC at 1/2 length from 1st post around the corners, an almost bump on Ditton, resulted in interesting evasive action from the LMBC cox. We continued to move past them, but got bored […]

Lents 2015, Day 1

Lents 2015: Day 1 Bumps Results W1 Chasing Peterhouse W1, Chased by Kings W1 A strong row over for W1 today, going up to half a length on Peterhouse, sadly their greater experience paid off allowing them to get away around Grassy and eventually bump Maggie on the reach. Today was the first bumps for […]

Michaelmas 2014 Reports

Overall Captain Report: Jeremy Parker The term has been a successful one, with an impressive two full senior men’s boats, as well as a strong intake of keen novices. Our coxing side has been well replenished too, and I hope that we now have a strong pool of coxes for many terms to come. The […]

Emma Sprint Race Results 2014

NW1 Nw1 threw themselves into the fun spirit of Emma sprints, dressing up as the Fellowship of the Ring. In the first round against Queens, NW1 held their ground against queens during the start and at times during the race gained on them. However, an unfortunate 2 crabs meant that they fell behind early on […]

Winter Head Race Results 2014

M1 Our first race in a new M1, we approached Winter Head as more of a full-course race piece looking towards Fairbairns. It took us until First-post corner to really click into ‘race-mode’ as a crew, at which point we settled into a solid r30, attacking out of each corner and taking huge chunks out […]

May Bumps Day 4, 2014

Crew: M1 Result: Rowed over Having gained overlap on Fitz we were unable to complete the bump. A great week though and up 2. Dan Jones, Men’s Captain Crew: W1 Result: Rowed over Armed with a revised strategy to sprint for the bump from the start, W1 ended up with rowing over together with Selwyn […]

May Bumps Day 3, 2014

Crew: M1 Result: Bumped Girton I Today we engaged in a little fun with Girton. Clearly being the faster crew we waited until we had half a length of overlap on the reach before smashing into their 7 man’s blade at the catch, I’ve been told a fairly hilarious crab ensued on their part. Gladly […]

May Bumps Day 2, 2014

Crew: M1 Result: Rowed over Despite gaining on all the crews in front of us and going for the heroic overbump on Fitz, after Peterhouse caught Girton at Ditton, we had to settle for a row over in the end. Tomorrow will be better. Dan Jones, Men’s Captain Crew: W1 Result: Bumped Trinity Hall I […]

May Bumps Day 1, 2014

Crew: M1 Result: Bumped Homerton I M1 stayed calm and relaxed until impact, executing the days race plan whilst walking away from Magdalene and into Homerton for the bump. We look forward to putting in a good performance tomorrow night and seeing what we can do. Dan Jones, Men’s Captain Crew: W1 Result: Rowed over […]